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The question often arises: “Can I still receive SSI if I work?” The simple answer is yes. But of course, in the world of disability nothing is as simple as it seems. An individual may work, but he or she must understand how working affects SSI benefits.

The ABLE Act creates tax advantaged savings accounts for individuals with disabilities, which in most cases will not jeopardize means tested government benefits such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). However, there are a number of limitations.

By Hinkle, Fingles & Prior, P.C., Attorneys at Law The Arc of New Jersey join’s HF&P in bringing you this article. The Importance of Maintaining Medicaid Eligibility The New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) is changing the way it is doing business. Under DDD’s new eligibility rules, services will only be provided to individuals […]

Many people with disabilities forego employment for fear of losing their Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”) benefits. The question often arises: “Can I still receive SSI if I work?” Find out more here.

People with disabilities who receive Medicaid sometimes face a difficult choice between working and continuing to receive benefits. Many individuals with disabilities who rely on government assistance benefits are unable to work, not because of a lack of interest or skill, but rather due to the very real fear of losing Medicaid.