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Voting is an important right for all Americans, so with Election Day approaching, it is important to consider the voting rights of people with disabilities.

This post contains updates on individual or systemic legal victories secured by Hinkle, Fingles & Prior. Please check back often for news about our caseload and successes.

In Pennsylvania, all citizens are eligible to vote, as long as they are over the age of eighteen, reside in the state and are properly registered to vote. Therefore, it appears the mere fact a person has a disability is not an automatic bar to voting.

Transition Workshops in Pennsylvania: The main goal of special education is simple: to prepare students with disabilities for further education, employment and independent living. In this 90-minute workshop, attendees will learn from experts how to engage in transition planning, and secure services and supports needed for success.

People with disabilities who receive Medicaid sometimes face a difficult choice between working and continuing to receive benefits. Many individuals with disabilities who rely on government assistance benefits are unable to work, not because of a lack of interest or skill, but rather due to the very real fear of losing Medicaid.