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By Evelina Padilla, Esq., and S. Paul Prior, Esq. When a disabled individual receives a settlement in a personal injury case due to medical malpractice, automobile accidents and similar events, care should be taken at the time of the settlement to protect that person’s eligibility for government benefits such as Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”) and […]

A Special Needs Trust (SNT) can provide for the future protection of a son or daughter with a disability. But more can be done. Once a SNT is established, you may still have concerns: What if the trustee needs guidance in making prudent decisions? Who will meet with my child to observe his or her […]

by Herbert D. Hinkle, Esq. and Ira Fingles, Esq. Visit two residential programs in your state which serve people with disabilities. Choose one of the best and choose one of the worst. What will be different about the two programs beyond the quality of each? Both programs will serve people with similar clinical profiles. The […]

By: Herbert D. HInkle, Esq. and S. Paul Prior, Esq. The administration of a trust involves the funding, investing, and managing of assets in a trust for the benefit of another – often, a person with a disability. It also involves receipt and disbursements of assets for the benefit of the beneficiary of the trust. […]

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